V-Mach Custom Rifles Limited

Specialists in Custom and Performance Products for Air Rifle Tuning


How to Buy V-Mach Products

You can buy our products and accessories Direct or via one of our Retailers or Fitting Service Providers.


United Kingdom

North West:

  1. *Blackpool Air Rifles, Lancashire, UK

  Visit: www.airgunbuyer.com

  Blackpool Air Rifles stock V-Mach Tuning Kits and separates available to suit many makes and models.


* Please note that DAI Leisure Pursuits are no longer stockists


Buy Direct from V-Mach - call us on 07850 296360 or email us at v-mach@air-rifle-tuning.com




  1. *Fa. Schlottmann GmbH, Schwerin, Germany

  Visit: www.waffen-schlottmann.de

  1. *Versandhaus Schneider, Jüterbog, Germany

  Visit: www.versandhaus-schneider.de


  1. *Airgun Shop, Komotini, Greece

  Visit: www.airgunshop.gr


  1. *Armeria Ferraioli, Poggiomarino, Italy

  Visit:  www.ferraioli.com

  1. *Armeria Ratti, Seregno, Italy

  Visit:  www.armiratti.it


  1. *Krale Schietsport, Staphorst, Netherlands

  Visit:  www.krale-schietsport.nl

  1. *Wapenhandel Colenbrander, Halle, Netherlands

  Visit:   www.buitenmenswebshop.nl


  1. *Hurricane Luftvapen AB, Vittsjö, Sweden

  Visit: www.luftvapen.se


Rest of World

  1. *Airguns of Arizona, Arizona, USA

  Visit: www.airgunsofarizona.com

  1. *SSSO Specialty Shooting Sports Outdoors, Creston BC, Canada

  Visit: www.specialtyshootingsportsoutdoors.com